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Our corner stone are our clients. Together we open thousands of business possibilities enabling growth.

We have been in the market for 58 years, offering information solutions to exporter companies and other highly diverse industries around the world.

We are the leading source of business information for companies doing B2B business. We provide quality information for companies to make decisions and carry out credit trade operations relying on our up-to-date business data.

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Our Mission

To generate security and trust in all credit transactions between two parties, whether domestically or internationally, based on our validated data, generating knowledge supported by our business information reports and related services to make the best credit trade decisions for your company’s growth and success.

Our Vision

Keeping ourselves in constant evolution and establishing our firm as the number one information provider option in credit and commercial risk management in LATAM through the processing of our business and commercial information, including the complementary services that derive from it, generating a safe environment for domestic and international credit trade and commerce for our clients under the best industry practices as leaders in the business information sector.

Meet our Awards

Presidential Award for MYPE 2010

CREDIT REPORT LATIN AMERICAN S.A.C. received the “Presidential Award for MYPE 2010” as one of the 19 winners out of 1,000 participants. This national award is given to those who have stood out as exemplary managers and who are models of entrepreneurship, effort and business development.


PERUVIAN COMPANY OF THE YEAR AWARD - 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011

Winners of the "Peruvian Company of the Year Award", the most important business recognition in Peru. With the presence of businessmen, personalities and executives of leading companies and institutions from all over the country.



CREDIT REPORT LATIN AMERICAN S.A.C., obtained the "Successful Entrepreneurs 2010" award from IPAE. The ceremony highlighted the companies that innovated with technology and quality, among which CREDIT REPORT was present.


Best Laboral Practices 2022/23 WORK-LIFE BALANCE

CREDIT REPORT LATIN AMERICAN S.A.C., obtained the "Best Laboral Practices 2022/23 WORK-LIFE BALANCE" award from MTPE.The ceremony highlighted companies that are national models that have defended, respected, and promoted the fundamental rights of workers. among which CREDIT REPORT was present.



Stronger through time beyond all crises since 1964.

  • The 1973 Oil Crisis

    During the Yom Kippur War, pitting Syria and Egypt against Israel, OPEC used oil as a weapon against those who supported Israel, establishing an embargo on Arab crude.

    The price of oil rose while production stopped, especially in the US and the Netherlands. The embargo only lasted five months, but the effects still endure.

  • Black Monday

    In late October 1987, the Australian stock market fell 41.8 percent, Canada fell 22.5 percent, the United Kingdom fell 26.4 percent, and Hong Kong fell 45.8 percent. All this is due to the strange disappearance of 500.000 million dollars from the New York Stock Exchange, yet to be explained.

  • The Gulf War

    Otherwise known as Operation Desert Storm, was a war conflict that pitted Iraq against an international coalition made up of 34 nations and led by the United States.

    The war began on January 17, 1991, in response to the Iraqi regime’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990. The Iraqi government eventually agreed to withdraw from Kuwait, whose sovereignty was restored on March 3, 1991.

  • The "Efecto Tequila" also called December Default

    Mexico’s economic crisis of 1994 was caused by the lack of international reserves, causing the devaluation of the Peso during the presidency of Ernesto Zedillo.

    The president of the United States, Bill Clinton, authorized a line of credit for $20 billion dollars for the Mexican Government that would allow it to guarantee its creditors full compliance with their financial commitments.

  • The Asian Financial Crisis

    The Asian Financial Crisis was a period of financial difficulty that gripped Asia in July 1997 and raised fears of a global economic disaster from financial contagion. Also known as the International Monetary Fund crisis, it began on July 2, 1997, with the devaluation of the Thai currency.

  • dot-com bubble

    With the internet and electronic commerce booming, business models using the world wide web began to appear. In many cases, these dotcoms were nothing more than business models. 

    For being only speculation, The Nasdaq bottomed out in October after falling 78% to 1,114 points. Of course, the fall of the dotcom did not take place only in the United States, but it reached the whole world.

  • 9/11 - The Twin Towers Crisis

    The US economy was already suffering from the aftermath of the dot-com bubble burst in mid-2000 and terrorist attacks added further damage to the US economy. The attack on the Twin Towers was a severe blow to the companies that had their offices there, but also for the small businesses located in Manhattan or near the Pentagon.

  • Sub - Prime Mortgage Crisis

    Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. was an American financial services company founded in 1850 and declared bankrupt in 2008.

    On September 15, 2008, the Lehman Brothers bank declared bankruptcy with a liability of 430 billion dollars, which produced a domino effect, leading to the greatest global economic crisis in history, called the Great Recession.

    This economic crisis affected the entire world, having important consequences for the population and citizens throughout the world.

  • COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis

    The impact of COVID-19 has given rise to numerous comparisons: with the global financial crisis of 2007-08, with World War II, and even with the crises that we only know about through history books. While such comparisons may seem dramatic, the pandemic has had a far-reaching effect on nearly every aspect of development like a few former crises.

  • Russia and Ukraine War Crisis

    On February 24 Russia launched what it hoped would be the lightning invasion of Ukraine.

    More than 50 days later, the accusations of war crimes, the devastation, and the massacres of Ukrainian civilians overshadow, if possible, the major blow against peace in Europe since the Second World War.

Our values

We are committed to our values. For a better place to work in order to provide

the best service to our clients around the world.

Respect and Humility

It is our commitment to do things right in an atmosphere of mutual respect, always with humility as a guide.

Collaboration and Teamwork

We share our time and talents.
We receive the help of our colleagues with confidence.

Focus on the client

We help our clients to achieve success. That is where our purpose across fifty years relies on. We are an H2H business (Human to Human)

Reliability and Courage

We meet the standards under the umbrella of ethics and are not afraid to point out mistakes or wrong ways to be better.

Experience and the art of Know-How

We transmit the know-how and experience from generation to generation to provide our clients with the most accurate solid information in the market.

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The more informed we are, the better the credit decision we take.

Information is Key to knowledge.

Data -> Information -> Knowledge -> Wisdom

We connect with the needs of customers, we understand their business. That effort is recognized by rewarding us with its permanence for more than half a century of tradition and prestige.

We have the local know how: we know the “how” and “why”. We provide our clients with valuable, high-quality information, with competitive delivery times and great offer value.

We do business in a friendly and reliable environment, thanks to our experience and practical vision.

We use technology to deliver tailored solutions. We integrate IT platforms, so that the information flows in an automated way to have the reports on time.

We have alliances with the most prestigious providers of commercial information in the world, in more than 170 countries, it is the most complete network of local and global businesses.

We are the largest source of local, regional and global business information.

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